Exploratory drilling provides an accurate understanding of the physical properties and boundaries of a reservoir.

Exploratory Drilling Includes:


Core Holes

Wireline Coring

Continuous Soil Sampling

Exploratory Wells

Well & Boring Abandonment

Auger Boring

Wash Boring

Packer Testing


Geotechnical drilling is the investigation process carried out on the construction site prior to breaking ground.

Geotechnical Drilling Includes:

Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
Shelby Tube Sampling
Double Ring Infiltration Test (DRI)

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Geotechnical drilling is a specific type of drilling, that is a part of the construction process. The investigation process is carried out on the construction site prior to breaking ground. SunCoast Drilling works under the supervision of the civil engineer, who oversees the process, to ensure that the drilling meets the requirements of the project.
A typical reason for geotechnical drilling is substrate site investigation. Site analysis is performed to establish whether or not a site is going to be appropriate for construction. This involves drilling to collect rock and soil samples, as well as drilling to determine soil stability and other matters of interest.
Geotechnical drilling has (3) three types of drilling methods: solid stem auger, hollow stem auger, and mud rotary. Using Suncoast Drilling as part of your construction process, ensures that your foundations, caissons, and various supports perform as intended. Our team at SunCoast Drilling have the years of experience to do both types of Geotechnical drilling, scientific and construction.